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Dried Lavender Buds - Var. Grosso 4 oz.

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Grosso is a hybrid plant and the scientific name is Lavandin.   

One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of Grosso is to place a large sachet on your pillow to allow the relaxing aromatic properties of this amazing flower to help you fall asleep. Perfect for sachets and potpourri, Grosso lavender can also be used as a clean carpet enhancer. Simply sprinkle the buds on your floor before vacuuming. Part of the scent profile is camphorous, which makes it an excellent moth and insect repellent.

Enjoy this 4 oz package of dried Grosso Lavender buds! They make great gifts!

Also available in our Sachet 6-Pack

Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing bulk lavender.