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Sleepy Sac

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Enjoy optimum rest and relaxation to help you fall asleep with our Sleepy Sac. This soft premium black satin bag holds 2 ounces of our all-natural lavender buds. The decision is yours whether you prefer Grosso Lavender's camphor scent profile or the soft floral aroma of Mailette Lavender. It is well known that Lavender aromatherapy induces a relaxed and drowsy sensation to help alleviate stress, calm the nervous system and let you drift to sleep. The soft satin bag is the perfect size to lightly drape over your eyes and nose for an immersive scent therapy session. The black color of the bag will help block out light and reduce visual stimulation to facilitate a blissful night of rest.

How To Use: Lie down & get comfortable. Distribute lavender evenly in the Sleepy Sac & drape over your eyes. If light shines in, adjust the lavender.

Sweet Dreams!

For best results renew lavender every 2 months. Order refills of Grosso Lavender.